Footprints” is the latest release from the album “Straight to the Top” by Rio Trio, a band from Austin (TX), that with this song gives us an intriguing instrumental, jazz style piece, a shining example of the vast talent of its musicians.

What shines through here is the high level of musicality of the band, that from the first moment sets up an atmospheric support in which the guitars and percussions complement each other beautifully, in a robust and enveloping background.

To this they add the flute, that gradually advances on the scene, guiding the piece in a new direction to evolve in continuous, organic evolutions and revolutions. It is a provocative and sensual execution, one that vibrates with feeling, colored by touches of mystery and nostalgia articulated through timbre variations and syncopated phrasing.

Melodic and fascinating, “Footprints” enchanted us immediately, thanks also to the way all its elements beautifully fit together. It displays an excellent alchemy between composition and performance, that at the same time shines because of the musicians’ talent and experience and highlights them.

Footprints” is a journey towards atmospheres rich in charm, familiar in its musical delivery and at the same time offering the most attentive listeners a myriad of refined and sophisticated details in which to get lost and with which to fall in love.

It’s a shining example of good music and of the fact it still has a reason to exist, to be played, listened to and appreciated.

Real musicians. Real music. Real class. Something we can never do without.

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Rio Trio // "Straight to the Top" - album cover
Rio Trio // "Straight to the Top" - album cover