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The ticket to ride to the dreamy sparkling wonderland made by the sunny blondie Riley Wells; a non-place of romance and enchantment:

Every Language is a new rosy freshness from a young and talented artist capable to garner attention even from the most glacial poles.

A feel-good pop/R&B production, the latest single released by this promising queen of tomorrow “tells the story of falling in love in a way that’s so deep, you could communicate without saying a thing.”

So Riley Wells says sharing the thematic canvas on which she was able to spin like cotton candy her sugary and sweet glitter. “Love is a conversation that extends beyond our words,” she then adds, and we can only agree with her.

A truly expressive track proving that this confident-pop-princess has remarkable maturity and great artistic vision, Every Language follows the previous success of her independently released debut EP Value, reaching 25k streams, and the vibrant summer dance-pop tune That Kinda Love, a single that amassed 20k streams in the first week of release.

On this upbeat number, Wells is singing with her usual silky pitch-perfect voice. The whole mix compliments Wells’s surprisingly seasoned golden uvula, which let her straddle range with ease.

This song doesn’t sound like a teen number: she’s not “just” throwing her journal entries into a blender and hitting the record button. It is a song by a young lady who learned to express vulnerability and celebrate emotions without sounding high-strung neither predictable.

With Every Language, Riley Wells brings us a slice of that “light and sun” that embellish and make her seductive energy unique. The statement that comes to us through this song is as simple as powerful: the world needs more love to get uplifted. 

Empowering melodies and emotional moments take the whole listening experience to the next level. And while we aren’t left on a musical cliffhanger, it’s clear that the curtain isn’t falling with this thrilling release.

While lovers of artists such as Sabrina Carpenter, Alaina Castillo, Kiana Lede will immediately get hooked by this song, even the most refined palates will quickly find themselves addicted to this sugary sweet pop R&B production.

Among the new discoveries we have made in recent months, Riley Wells is one of those who have so much more to say. We can’t wait to discover her next news from what she promises to be an ever-evolving journey.

Blinged out by her stunning vocals, young princess Riley Wells has also released a lyric video to accompany the release of Every Language. Amiably graced by a retro filter, the visual for Every Language is already available on the Riley Wells’ YouTube channel

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