‘Thinking ‘Bout You’ is Rikardo’s brand-new dance disco number, out on May 29.

Riccardo Paparella, aka Rikardo, returns with the new single ‘Thinking ‘Bout You’, available from May 29 on all digital stores.

The lyrics tell of a love story that happens during the summer. But the protagonist wonders if it can be something more, if love can survive in all seasons or if it’s just a “Summerlove”.

With this new track, home-made from its graphics to the mixing and mastering and produced in collaboration with Silja Rós, Rikardo brings us fresh sounds with a sinuous nuance that moves between dance and disco music.

As Rikardo tells us: “The production boasts the poorest technologies on the market, however, as Emily Dickinson said, «To make a prairie it takes a clover, a bee and a dream. And if the clover and the bee are missing, the dream alone will do.»”

Fresh and engaging, ‘Thinking ‘Bout You’ is an unmissable release, ready to take us into the summer atmosphere.

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Rikardo // Thinking 'Bout You
Rikardo // Thinking 'Bout You