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Rick Shaffer hits another strike with the new biting and grooving single from Rock root titled “Too Much.”

The aegis is that of the prolific guitarist, singer, and songwriter Rick Shaffer, who long ago had been able to capture all our attention with the compelling full-length album ‘Broken Souls’.

Continuing to fuel his career, Shaffer returns to the scene with a captivating new number, the son of that Rock streak that seems to be an essential ingredient of his fiber, of his blood.

Imbued up to the spine with those vibrations and that feverishness that made the sacred pillars of the genre great and memorable, Rick also captures in a slender way certain prototypes of the blues theme, close for example to the signature of Dave Allan or the early Stooges.

But here the blazing fuzz becomes gasoline on the burning fire of a timeless, primordial groove, which gives libido on the crest of a raw, sweaty, and howling apex.

It is difficult to imagine something more intense, as intoxicating, as satisfying.

Listen now to Too Much, the latest Single by Rick Shaffer, available in streaming on all major digital platforms.

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