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“Bogalusa” is the late 1960s R&B-influenced rock single from “Sleeping Dog,” the brand new ten-track album released by veteran artist Rick Shaffer.

“A midnight run from Como, Mississippi to Bogalusa, Louisiana to visit the reclusive Jasper Collins, whose world is everything Wilson Pickett,” this was the break that Rick Shaffer needed while writing and recording Sleeping Dog.

Sleeping Dog is the twelfth album that solo artist Rick Shaffer added to his long list of works he has created over more than two decades.

Of course, there are no sequins or glams here because the sound is a ceaseless turmoil, dirty and crunch in Bluesy style, which draws heavily on the saturations and distortions faithful to the verve of the Garage.

But the dash, the scratchy touch, are a sting that buzzes as slyly as it is incisive and hypnotic.

With “Bogalusa” Shaffer continues to faithfully and carefully follow the path that he has been able to underline, define more clearly, deepen and finally refine, especially in his latest works. And he does it tremendously well.

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