Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Rick Habana is a talented producer, songwriter, engineer, and composer with a strong passion for merging musical genres to create a personal and original sound.

Among his projects it is certainly worth mentioning “The Collective“, one of his most recent endeavors in which he works mainly with live music from international musicians and singers from all over the world.

The Collective” project is composed of live drums, sax, trumpets, trombone, guitars, bass, piano and vocalist. As Rick himself tells us, “connecting with musicians based in Finland, Italy, Netherlands, London, Canada, Venezuela, South Africa, Spain and Sweden to create this project has been a dream come true.”

Volume I and II of “The Collective” are expected in 2020. While waiting to listen to the fruits of such an important project, Rick gives us a taste of the high level, quality and attention to detail in his music with a funk lounge single titled “Coast“.

It is a piece that stands out for the quality of every single aspect of production. Among the valuable ingredients that make “Coast” a highly interesting song, we cannot fail to mention the live instruments performance, and certainly the vocal performance of the singer, Kahlil.

This is quality music that satisfies its listeners and gives us hope for what Rick has in store with “The Collective“. We look forward to it.

Rick Habana // "Coast" - single cover
Rick Habana // "Coast" - single cover

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