Moved by engaging chill vibes, the track sounds like the fruit of an exploratory inspiration to go and venture into the mists of more unusual themes. The vessel on which Richard S takes us with his ‘Neveralone’ quickly meets our expectations. Moved by a praiseworthy 4-tempo tuned kick drum, the track introduces us to an enveloping and intriguing sound environment.

“To me this song breathes a certain ambience that sparks a sense of taboo. A celebration of feeling otherworldly.” So Richard S introduces the theme of ‘Neveralone’, to then continue: “The woman speaking in it is Dolores Cannon. She was giving a speech about life after death. During the speech she got into having people die in their past lives. Which is why one of the main hooks is a heart monitor.”

The probing excursus in which Richard S immerses us is a straight liquefaction, that traces a direct and linear tightrope along which we remain magnetically tied throughout the development of the musical argument.

The minimalistic approach, free from needless complications, shines in contrast with the luxuriant spectrography of musical fractals silhouetted by arpeggiated synths, while Cannon’s spoken words, so laconic, at times humorous, are juxtaposed to the vivid and pulsating rhythmic carpet.

In its essence, this is an open monostable listening experience, aimed at letting its entire message flow in a single and unequivocal direction.

‘Neveralone’ stands out from the anonymity of a good part of house music. Here, even if we find a cliché of the genre like that of the cyclical structures that repeat themselves, the track allows you to immerse more and more in its atmosphere each time you play it.

This is definitely a song to be savored listening after listening, even by the non-lovers of the genre.

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