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Richard Lynch celebrates 4 decades of music with “Thankful, Grateful and Blessed,” the track taken from the collection of 12 originals titled “Radio Firend.”

Four incredible decades of singing, writing, and performing
in honkytonks and country music venues across the US and abroad.

So Richard Lynch seals his moment of gratitude to the fans, co-writers, and musicians who made it possible for him to coin and shape his brand of authentic country music. And gratitude to God for blessing him with a family and a life doing what he loves to do most.

“Radio friend” – this is the title of the collection of 12 original songs – comes to seal Lynch’s rosy momentum. And there’s no doubt that the track that flawlessly captures this blessed enlightenment’s gist is “Thankful, Grateful and Blessed.”

A moving and upbeat country tune that instills gratitude and optimism in life, with “Thankful, Grateful and Blessed,” Richard underlines how the hand of God has guided him, leading him to happiness and fulfillment.

Here the traditional and refreshing sound does not disappoint the genuine storytelling approach we find throughout the entire album.

Listen now to Thankful, Grateful and Blessed, the latest Single by Richard Lynch, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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