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There is character. There is style. There is great music under Rhys Tranter’s hat.

With an enveloping recorded piece of work, captured during his stay in London, the affable prose master in music, Rhys Tranter, releases a precious casket

consisting of 4 songs that expand and let the uniqueness of his songwriting perspective blossom and spread.

Being an artist who has been writing music since he was 16, songwriting has become his main focus for Tranter since he returned to Australia after living and playing music in London for two years.

He has played in various bands for several years in the Australian music scene, and more recently, he decided to go his own way after exploring more acoustically based sounds.

Here in this new Babel tower, Tranter worked closely with Mat Leppanen at The Animal Farm Music to develop an intense, deep, and rooted EP at the height of his vibrancy.

We are talking about the EP signed by the Australian artist titled “My Living Room of Acceptance.” A dagger with a sharp point that does not skimp on thrusts, the sartorial work sewn by the Tranter-Leppanen duo offers an exciting and emotional sound, which does not fail to bandage our wounds thanks to lush soundscapes that soothe the soul in its laceration.

A dagger with a sharp point that does not skimp on thrusts. The sartorial work sewn by the Tranter-Leppanen duo offers an exciting and emotional sound, which does not fail to bandage our wounds.

Extruding a soundscape worthy of a full band, complete with orchestra in tow, “My Living Room of Acceptance” hovers, now floats, now sinks, amidst troubling moods and uplifting escapism.

With a combination of inspiring lyrics and formidable arrangements, Rhys completes the full circle taking us up and down a merry-go-round, from the most reflective courtly paradises to the most feral crimson flames, condensing all the density of his vision into just 4 tracks.

By unrolling a geoid marked by parallels of traditional connotation, and meridians with an alternative approach, he sport out the global vision of his approach. Then, bringing certain canons of Country, Rock, and Folk into a modern mapping, those classic continents’ silhouettes are rediscovered throughout a new exquisitely contemporary landing.

What this skilled multi-instrumentalist extracts is a nectar distilled from universal humanistic themes, such as mortality, mental illness, empathy, grief, and joy. All taken to the next level by his mastery of praising the timeless art of storytelling in music with affable savoir-faire.

And “My Living Room of Acceptance” is a shining treasure chest containing priceless diamonds such as zeal, consistency, and sensitivity.

A rewarding body of work, set to satisfy even the most attentive listeners, this release is a condensation of his past. Of his experience. Of the universe of him.

The only “flaw” of this EP? It is made up of only 4 tracks. But luckily for us, the repeat button is just a click away. Luckily for us, this is only a first act. Luckily for us, much more has yet to come. 

Listen now to "My Living Room Of Acceptance," the latest EP by Rhys Tranter, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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The release of “My Living Room of Acceptance” is accompanied by the official video for the lead single “Woman of the Apocalypse.”

Rhys describes the song as “my best attempt to push myself further melodically, simplifying the lyrics and trying to create something thoughtful, yet powerful. It has a real personal aspect message for me and tried to write it from a more feminine perspective in an attempt to get out of my head.”

You can find the official video for “Woman of the Apocalypse” on the Rhys Tranter YouTube channel.

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