Retracing her vicissitudes, Rene Byrd chose this song precisely because of the title, wanting to tell a story of new beginnings and how one can feel complete through love and romance. As the artist herself tells us:

Through the experience of love, hope and joy in my life, this first album was born.

A few words from Rene

The Stage is My Home

One of my most vivid memories as a child was being side stage at an open-air concert in London. I watched Sade, Sting and Tracey Chapman perform and it blew me away. Something inside made me run on to the stage and grab the mic and spoke to the crowd. Thankfully security just let me be then guided me back to my seat and from that day it was a clear sign that the stage was my home.

Taken from her upcoming album that promises to be a collection of heartfelt stories, with ‘Born Again‘ Rene gives us a sincere interpretation in contemporary key of the classic from Preston and Wright. Sealed by the vocal talent Rene showcases, the song is a production of impeccable quality, signed by the TJN Music team, blending salsa and mid-tempo R&B sounds.

With a passionate musical delivery and honest lyrics, the song finds its perfect underlining in this official video directed by Chas Appeti, offering warm and soft visuals, in which the class, the elegance and femininity of Rene shine in all their beauty.

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