Alicia “Reese” Reisman is the singer-songwriter behind the Reese Collective (ree-see) project. Raised in the small town of Fernandina Beach, FL, she is currently the coordinator of the band, worship leader and keyboard player at Pneuma Life Church in St. John’s, FL.

Daughter of worship leaders, music has always been woven into every part of her everyday life. Her ability to dream in music flowed into her waking desires to change the world through music, just like it changed her through seasons of struggle. As she expanded her musical talents, she quickly realized a big desire: to write songs that would inspire and speak to the hearts of people.

At the end of 2019 Reese Collective released the debut album titled “The Journey“, a collection of 8 tracks that allowed singer-songwriter Reisman to already make a name for herself in the Christian pop music scene, thanks to her unique approach to songwriting that has been well received by many followers.

Although the writer is the creative force behind the project, each track on this album features a different singer. Inside “The Journey” there is a noteworthy creative richness, which through exciting pop melodies and splendid arrangements, capable of consistently mixing pop with Christian music, maintaining a perfect focus on songwriting, the true beating and uplifting heart of the theme of the entire album.

Many the artists who participated in the making of this beautiful album: Chirs Cauley, Chelsea Zan, Amy Little, Brittany Young-Brutcher, alongside Amber Melichar, Shane Mathis, Maeghan Morin and Jordan Wray. Each track sees a different name, providing an element of exquisite freshness and versatility which at the same time, thanks to an intelligent writing of the arrangements, and to the quality of the balance of the mix and mastering, maintains a formidable coherence of sound throughout the whole album.

Fresh, engaging, captivating and brilliant, “The Journey” gives us a listening experience with a kaleidoscopic atmosphere, characterized by a gentle sense of inclusion and community, perfect underlining of the powerful spiritual message that conveys the theme of this beautiful vision. A splendid choral message to embrace in all the entirety of “The Journey“.

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Reese Collective // “The Journey” - album artwork
Reese Collective // “The Journey” - album artwork

Listen now to “The Journey“, the debut album from Reese Collective, already available on Spotify [ here ].