Reece Lemonius pushes with a delicate but penetrating touch the sweetness of one who needs to feel emotions that will make him vibrate, feel alive, love and even suffer. Here, in order to get out of the apathy of a sterile emotional solitude, Lemonius advances a painful prayer to receive some attention of any kind, even the type that can bring suffering.

“That sweet pain of longing that only needs a simple push, a simple release, a simple victory to turn into the pleasure we fear to lose again.” This is what Reece Lemonius writes to himself as he sings to that desire demanding: “just give me something I can feel.”

A non-place where to get lost and find yourself again, listening after listening, wrapped in the folds of your perception, like in a perpetual pursuit of cyclic alternations between sunset and sunrise, ‘Something I Can Feel’ stands out with a clear charm for the sophisticated aesthetics it offers, enhanced as it is by a nostalgic and at the same time modern touch.

The way Lemonius incorporates elements of R&B, pop and electronics enhances the delivery of the entire piece with efficacy and suggestiveness. Raising a certain aftertaste that recalls the vibrations of an ’80s sound, melancholically allusive to the past, Reece offers us a reworking that is as delicious, persuasive and refined as it is catchy and confidential.

The multiple dualisms that Lemonius bestows effortlessly and with generosity are a passionate and engaging restitution of refined chiaroscuros, mirror and container of an exceptionally thick artistic soul, translated into a stellar quality production.

‘Something I Can Feel’ is sublimated by a warm voice full of emotion and guided by the illusory reflections of a timeless tech-noire melody: an authentic soundtrack on which to soothe and let thin out the self-reflections that accompany us during the most typical summer nights.

Among the most interesting, pleasant, and rewarding discoveries we have made in recent months, ‘Something I Can Feel’ is an unmissable release, as well as an inevitable addition to our NOVA ERA playlist.

Listen now to ‘Something I Can Feel’, the latest single from Reece Lemonius, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms.

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