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Histrionic and prolific Rebecca DawgGoneDavis continues to fuel her creative vision, in which rap and hip-hop hybridize with other genres, unmarking from kids and hipsters.

After her autobiographical “Middle Age Woman – Hip Hop Style”, an issue that reached # 1 in the influential EuroIndieMusic chart and reached # 1 in Europe, Asia, Russia and South America, DawgGoneDavis cemented the traction of her success.

With an ever-expanding global fan base, DGD‘s phrasal rhymes and twists find a cohesive manifesto for the five years she’s been able to prove her stuff.

Odes and colors of a social and musical era that no longer exists, with Hot Dawgest Night he brings tracks to the table that renew the roots of a Rap and Hip-hop intention that seems to be current again.

Listen now to Hot Dawgest Night, the Album by Rebecca DawgGoneDavis, available in streaming on all major digital platforms.

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