Solo artist “Real Og Ice Man” returns to the scene with a new track titled “Respect My Pimpin”

Respect My Pimpin is a mashup between hip-hop and rap focused on respect. The rough lyrics are carried out efficiently by Real Og Ice Man‘s performance, which is raw to the bone, perfectly in tune with the meaning of the lyrics and with the vibrations of this song. Real Og Ice Man offers us a recorded voice that’s almost naked and surely hardened by a distortion effect. A voice that dominates above all in the mix.

The arrangement is minimal and with no frills, with a low-end beat that comes after an airy introduction. This creates an efficient expedient that brings the whole listening focus on the vocal performance by Real Og Ice Man.

Real Og Ice Man is a prolific singer and songwriter who has released more than twenty tracks. Since his early songs “Saggin” and “I Was Rised”, he’s been making his way into the Los Angeles hip-hop scene, where he is based. Building his productions on a groundwork made of his own vision, he proves to be in the perfect control room of his creativity.

Real Og Ice Man really feels all the vibrations of his music and the lyrics he writes. His is an honest vision, made clear and strong, at peak levels, which shows off his entire brand.

Listen now to “Respect My Pimpin“, available on Soundcloud [ here ]

To discover all the music by Real Og Ice Man, check out his Soundcloud [ here ] profile and his Youtube channel [ here ].