Raymond Revel - Ourselves - single cover

After a series of releases including the single ‘Endlessy’ which we talked about in a previous article ( Raymond Revel // Endlessly ) the singer-songwriter Raymond Revel returns to give us a new glimpse of his musical narrative poetics.

After pampering us with the soft harmonies that are his distinguishing  stylistic signature, Raymond Revel now  manages to make his music and performance even more profound and touching.

This is thanks to ‘Ourselves’, a song with which this artist, who does not deny his talent and his long-standing musical experience, takes us into a sort of new beginning, inspiring us to love ourselves first.

Gently whispering with soft sounds and airy whispered lyrics, Raymond’s ‘Ourselves’ creeps in with a soft and gentle touch, like our conscience’s most benevolent voice.

Here Revel immerses us in those moments “where we expect and ask for more love than we are willing to give, and in many ways this explains a little bit about human nature”. Thus the artist introduces us to the theme of the song, and then continues: “Sometimes people don’t get the love that they need, and I hope that in those times, this song can provide hope to my listeners.”

Raymond Revel’s ‘Ourselves’ is an edifying message of radiant positivity, which we are sure will reach the artist’s more than 13,000 followers, who will only grow when new listeners will connect with this so candid and genuine musical message.

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