Raymond Revel is an American singer and songwriter originally from Burbank in California, with years of experience behind him, having participated in a variety of musical contexts.

He started playing the piano by ear at 5 years old, and by the age of 11 he was already writing complete songs. Over the years he has participated as lead singer in a band, has led multiple a cappella groups, performed with various choirs, and has served as a background singer for several celebrities, including Demi Lovato, Pharrell, Little Big Town, and many others .

With dozens of projects already released, Raymond is using the experience gained on the field to showcase a sound and an approach to the music that is unique and authentic.

Genuine and without excesses, Raymond’s creative touch is the perfect underlining, devoid of complex elaborations, to narrate his musical stories.

Precisely with his latest single titled ‘Endlessly‘, Raymond gives us a perfect example of this. Poetic and narrative, ‘Endlessly‘” is about loving someone beyond the limits of time. This is a song capable of providing comfort on this theme and exquisitely directed to the heart of the listener.

Simple, almost basic in its construction, ‘Endlessly‘ moves on the delicacy of plucked arpeggios. A gentle swinging, on which the vocal softly lie down, among which that of Raymond stands out for the gentle and delicacy that he is able to express with his performance.

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Raymond Revel
Raymond Revel

The release of ‘Endlessly‘ is also accompanied by the official lyrics video, available on Raymond’s YouTube channel.

Listen now to ‘Endlessly‘, the latest single from Raymond Revel, which is available on your favorite digital platform [ here ].