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Danish singer-songwriter Rasmus Fynbo is back with The Azure Sea, an 11-track indie folk-rock polished album.

Out in October 2021, the new work penned by singer and songwriter Rasmus Fynbo is the eighth studio album he released to date, the second of 2021.

The Azure Sea features a return to the cinematic and genre-bending universe, china already explored by Fynbo in 2020 with the previous album titled The Greater Good.

Rasmus underlines his uniqueness once again. While changing and evolving his sound and style, he remains faithful to those lines and roots at the base of his songs, yet sporting a sophisticated blend of elements.

This is how Rasmus Fynbo manages to give an even broader new horizon to his creative vision, then draw a thread line that is further embellished by a line-up made of no less than 22 different musicians from 14 different countries.

Here the Danish artist is offering a real musical journey in the Indie key, ranging from brass-heavy Latin to the most delightful Pop, up to soaring on Rock-like crests and rivulets.

His eclectic touch finds its right side in the wide range and variety of popular instruments that he unfolds in an organic and shrewd orchestral perspective.

At the same time, Fynbo does not fail to return with stubborn sensitivity the identity and character of expressive instruments, such as clarinets, oud, mandolins, dobro, accordions, cellos, and violins.

And while all this wealth of elements would already be enough to underline the value of The Azure Sea, the fiber of this album seals the depth of Rasmus’ ink.

The stories we can discover inside this treasure chest tackle a wide variety of topics, such as the world of conspiracy theorists, offer a rewrite of classic sailors’ tales, cravings for Bitcoin, or even how to get back on your feet after receiving a heavy slap.

Rasmus Fynbo is an artist who has been making music for more than 25 years, and this is perfectly reflected in the depth, musical and compositional, of this new collection of 11 tracks.

But on this album, that variety of him seems to be reaching a new expansion. That Indie Pop/Rock root that we mentioned in the opening probes and renders with a different pinch of cabaret and Balkan music meddling.

Between stories full of charm, unrolled amidst the wrongs of today’s society, and the anticipation of that near future that we are about to face or with which we are already playing at the mercy of crazy love stories, The Azure Sea defines a map for sailors who they do not want to remain at the mercy of the contemporary tumultuous stormy sea.

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