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Based in North Carolina, Rare of Breed spent most of his early childhood on the streets and in homeless shelters. Because of his living conditions, he was placed in foster care at the age of 7.

During his adolescence, he started using and selling drugs, committing crimes and chasing the “dream” that he heard the rappers talk about in their songs. In the end, all this led him to be convicted for 9 felonies and sent to jail at the age of 18.

But on September 4, 2011, he entered a church with his now wife, and asked Jesus to be the Lord of his life. Reconciled with God and with a new path in life to draw, Rare began to write music again.

Rare of Breed // "A Very Rare Christmas" - cover
Rare of Breed // “A Very Rare Christmas” – cover

His new songs were not about the chains that once held him prisoner, but about the One who had broken those chains, freeing him. Since then, he has traveled and ministered wherever there was an open door.

A Very Rare Christmas” is an album that celebrates Christmas as the birth of Jesus. Under the surface of the typical sounds of the season, the five tracks that form the album transmit a clean and powerful feeling, enlightening the ubiquitous Christmas paraphernalia of lights, trees and gifts.

This is how Rare of Breed puts his artistic signature on Christmas: with a rich and mature sound that envelops all the depth of his life and musical experiences. In addition to this, it is really worth mentioning that Breed included his children on the album, as one of his most important values is the family.

It’s a Christmas spirit made unique, or rather rare, by Breed’s artistic touch. Through his engaging flow rap, along with the intelligent choices made in the arrangements and the quality of the production (Mack 11 Beats and Let That Boy Cook are featured producers), Rare gives us one of the most interesting discoveries to keep us company while we prepare to experience the Christmas festivities.

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