The Art of Survival” is a concept album, which tells stories and portrays characters inspired by the life of Las Vegas and Los Angeles. 

With this new album Ramsey takes us on a visionary journey, at times psychedelic, made of intricate and magnificent Darwinian paths that untangle themselves in a contemporary urban metropolitan setting.

Exciting and gloomy, visionary and eclectic, enlightening and enigmatic, “The Art of Survival” is a perpetual sonorous contortion that, sinuous and visceral, moves asynchronously between deep and dark afflictions, to then hover in brilliant and illuminating upward revelations.

In the album, the pinnacle of such articulate, rich and avant-garde creativity is represented by the penultimate track, “Dark Side.” An impetuous orgy of excruciating and lacerating feelings, which in its negative projection is splendidly penetrating.

In “The Art of Survival“, this Los Angeles multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer shows off all the vastness and depth of her abilities and creative experiences.

Pulsating with its own life, “The Art of Survival” is a vision of reality that Ramsey paints from just beyond a thin invisible line that many do not even dare to approach. From beyond the mirror that separates the real and obvious from everything else, Ramsey faces us to narrate what she sees.

And hers is a tremendously amazing tale, as truthful as it is disturbing, as dense as it is overwhelming.

Undoubtedly, one of the most innovative and visionary albums we discovered in 2019.

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