Coming March 27, 2020, ‘Love’ is the latest album from the band Radio Free Universe. Written and produced by Mark McMaster and George Panagopoulos at Sanctuary Recording Studio, the album is scheduled to have CD and vinyl releases for the end of the year, on Jetpack Records with distribution by The Orchard.

‘Love’ shapes up to be a fresh and irresistible blend with a contemporary sound, with which Radio Free Universe promises to transmit all the richness of their creative approach, ranging from rock to alternative, from funk to pop.

To introduce the captivating sound of ‘Love’, the band, formed by George Panagopoulos (vocals, guitar), Steve Pelletier (bass), Adam Neumann (guitar), Ashton Norman (drums) and Vincent Sciara (keys), has already released the two singles ‘Even Angels’ and ‘She’s High Again’, which together exceeded 260K streams on Spotify. These will be followed on February 28 by ‘Love Right Now’, available as a standalone single, or as a free track if you pre-order the album. You can pre-save the song here

To not miss the release of ‘Love’and to find out more about Radio Free Universe, check the links below: 

Radio Free Universe // Love - album artwork
Radio Free Universe // Love - album artwork
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