The emerging artists Radical One and Rilla Force, also known as R&R, have combined their creativity to create and publish their new 3-track EP titled ‘Vacaciones’, which we had the opportunity to preview and about which we are going to give you this brief anticipation.

Anchored in his Dominican heritage, Radical One’s unique sound shows variegate influences from Afro-Latin, Caribbean, Hip-Hop, and Soul. Rilla Force is an artist, producer, and DJ hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, whose signature sound is a blend of future bass infused with electronic, hip-hop, and RnB.

Moving between kaleidoscopic shades of different genres of EDM, with elements of Latin and electronic music, R&R’s work amazes for the innovative interweaving in which Latin rhythms, tribal percussions, tropical minimalist melodies, and powerful and truly unique arrangements are mixed.

From “Aréna” to “Coco” to “Palmera”, each song offers an interesting and electrifying listening experience. ‘Vacaciones’, R&R’s debut EP, will be released on April 3, 2020 through InGoodCompany.

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Radical One & Rilla Force // Vacaciones - EP artwork
Radical One & Rilla Force // Vacaciones - EP artwork