The Louisiana-based artist Rachard introduces himself to the world with his new debut single titled “Clarity“, giving us a musical delivery that sounds like an honest and introspective personal reflection.

Developed on a lush sound carpet colored by jazz and hip-hop veins, with his “ClarityRachard tells, with conscious awareness, of vulnerabilities and life problems, enchanting us with a production that stands out for its care and organic consistency.

In “Clarity” the flow created by Rachard‘s lyrics and vocal performance is perfectly balanced on the pulsating sinuosity of the beat, with delicate intrusions of ethereal backing vocals, rhythmic riffs and long suspensions that widen the breath of the song.

Listen now to “Clarity“, the new debut single by Rachard, which is available on Soundcloud [ here ], and keep in touch with this up and coming talented artist, following him on Instagram [ here ].

Rachard // "Clarity" - cover
Rachard // “Clarity” – cover