Quinten Tyvon is a rising singer and songwriter hailing from South Florida. An inspired artist who, thanks to his musician grandparents, started singing at the young age of five.

Inspired by the likes of Sam Cooke, John Legend, Luther Vandross and Chris Brown, Quinten attended FSW college pursuing audio production, and as one can imagine, pursuing a full-time career in music was a natural step for him.

Thanks also to his story-telling lyricism, with his music Quinten Tyvon seeks to intimately connect with listeners from all over the world, confirming himself as an artist to keep an eye on and an ear out for, as he is set and focused to cement his presence in the music industry for years to come.

Recently Quinten Tyvon released his brand-new single titled ‘All For You’. A mesmerizing and refreshing electronic-pop number, the latest work from Quinten is a powerful tune driven by an uplifting mood.

Quinten Tyvon - rising singer songwriter

The release of ‘All For You’ is accompanied by a lyric video, available on the Quinten Tyvon’s YouTube channel.

A few days after its release, the video has already amassed thousands of views. Don’t miss it!

Here the crispy and solar mix is fueled by edifying chord progressions and a groovy atmosphere, while the vocal performance by Quinten is finely aroused by the whole mix. Cleverly balanced to highlight the musical delivery, his voice beautifully expresses the emotions and the sentiments of an underlying story of love, meaningfully keyed to the lyrics.

The captivating chorus, the catchy melodies, and the relatable lyrics seal a sense of intimacy and passion, for a song that at a very first listening may appear simple on a surface level, but which contains many gems, even for the most refined palates, that everyone can spot and taste play after play.

Icing on the cake, there is a transparent touch given by a Latin influence. An emphasis that further enriches that feel-good atmosphere that will make everyone dance.

Sparkling and grandiose in its simplicity, so clean and contagious, Quinten Tyvon’s track lights up with colors and a life of its own, with the addition of electronic elements that turn on and bring the pop atmosphere of the whole production to an even higher level.

No doubt, this song is a must you’ll want to add not only to your summer playlist, as it will serve as a soundtrack also for the times to follow.

Listen now to ‘All For You’, the latest single by Quinten Tyvon, available for streaming on Spotify and YouTube.

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