Pyramid Park, also known as Pete McAllen, began his musical career at the age of 11 after losing his father. This sudden loss helped sculpt McAllen’s musical career. Making music and writing songs made him feel close to his father again, so he decided to help others in their struggles by putting everything in his art.

After touring the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, releasing his debut album ‘Vulnerability’ and bagging 30 festivals slot in the past two years, Cambridge-UK singer-songwriter-producer Pyramid Park makes his return to the scene by introducing his second album, titled ‘Not an Island’, announced for April 24, 2020, and releasing a string of compelling singles.

Among these we have chosen ‘Never Let Me Down’, a brilliant number with a scenographic indie-pop sound enveloped in an touching immersive atmosphere, with which Pyramid Park offers us a relatable story about the pressures and confusion of growing up.

Introducing the track, Pyramid Park explains: “Never Let Me Down was written in January 2018. I was determined to get my act together, and hit the ground running, with three months of intense songwriting.” He continues: “I had a heart to heart about music, fears and dreams. I had recently taken the plunge to work full time as an indie artist. I felt vulnerable and unsure, so we began to pen the lyrics ‘I think I’m drifting between the head and the heart…’ an honest summary of my mindset.”

Imbued with engaging positive energy, ‘Never Let Me Down’ is an uplifting concentrate of motivational positivity, driven by a brilliant rhythmic dynamism and a compelling melodic articulation, set into an alternative atmosphere of exquisite delicacy and craftsmanship.

Pyramid Park’s single is an excellent production, bringing us an example of his great talent as a composer thanks to a combination of melody and harmonization that delicately makes us gently slide into that sense of vulnerability Pete felt.

A song that can’t be missing from your daily playlist. We can’t wait to listen to the entire album.

Listen now to ‘Never Let Me Down’, the single from Pyramid Park, available on all streaming platforms.

Listen now to ‘Never Let Me Down’, the single from Pyramid Park, available on all streaming platforms.