Started in 2015 by New Orleans guitarist Chris Prince, Psydonia is a 4-piece band that includes bassist Nick Benoit, the drummer Roger Powell, and Ryan Ashmore on vocals.

Primary influences by bands like Amenra, Cult of Luna, Dead Meadow, Tool, Isis, and Intronaut, just to name a few, that of Psydonia is a music with a particular brand, which presents itself as a peculiar characterization of the post metal genre, powered by a heavy and psychedelic edge.

Their stylistic richness is reflected in a variety of different movements and build up that gush into giant climaxes of heavy doom metal style riffs. We can find a perfect representation of the power and immersion of their musical delivery in the 6-track album ‘Psychedelic Darkness’.

‘Psychedelic Darkness’ is a collection of gems that move between relaxing valleys, eruptive pinnacles, and lacerating drifts, and through it Psydonia offer an advanced release that, with character and style, introduces us into a sophisticated creative world of contrasting shadows.

Following their first album titled ‘Psychedelic Darkness’, released at the end of last year, Psydonia are currently working on a second album, announced to be released in early winter. Given the premise set by ‘Psychedelic Darkness’, we look forward to hearing it!

Listen now to ‘Psychedelic Darkness’, and find out more about their music, checking the links below:

Psydonia // Psychedelic Darkness - album cover