Prxscott is a Portland rap artist genuinely inspired by his roots, starting from his moniker, taken from the streets where he grew up: 16th and Prescott, northeast section of Portland, Oregon.

Prxscott discovered for the first time his love for music thanks to his brothers, Jason and Tony, who listened to NWA and Eazy E every day; but it was only when he was attending high school that he realized he wanted to become a rapper.

Mainly influenced by the music of Jay Z, he quickly expanded his horizons listening to anything, from E-40 and Mozzy, to Nas and Fivio Foreign. Today, Prxscott has developed his own style, one that’s personal and versatile, and yet related to that background in which he grew up.

Strengthened by his “think outside the box” attitude and motivated to come up with new material, recently Prxscott dropped a brand-new work. This is the 5-track EP titled ‘Northeast Legends’, a collection of hip-hop R&B numbers with which the Portland artist pays homage to his hometown.

Succulent first fruits, two pieces stand out among the songs that make up the whole EP: ‘On My Own’ and the title track, ‘Northeast Legends’.

Catchy hooks, punchy lines, and a distinctive flow are the effective elements of a rap, hip-hop, and R&B blend that sounds fresh and compelling.

Worth more than just a listening, the two tracks are accompanied by two videos, both available on the Prxscott’s YouTube channel.

She said she came thru for the weed & the cable, dropped dick in your bitch, Now she's cleaning my draco.

Yea them niggas did it, but they did it for the clout, bitch you know what I'm about, having work up in the drought.

This is how Prxscott pays his tribute to Portland, not only with the music of ‘Northeast Legends’. In ‘What I’m About’ Prxscott decided to sample the legendary Portland artist Cool Nutz. He also sampled the Portland rap group Kant B Caught on the track ‘My City’, while the cover has on two of the most famous Portland’s NBA players: Terrell Brandon and Damon Stoudamire.

The entire EP presents itself with a refined aesthetic, and as a production that is qualitatively appealing. The cleanliness of the sound and of the mix are the icing on the cake that allow Prxscott to convey all his musical message.

His rap, driven by an engaging and relatable flow, lights up every track, taking the vibrations of every songs to an even higher level.

The nonchalance with which he boasts the lyrics, the enthralling beats and the bars full of details are just some of the key elements that make Prxscott’s EP an excellent entry point to get to know his music and his creativity.

Listen now to the the latest from Prxscott, the EP title ‘Northeast Legends’, available for streamin on Spotify.

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