Twenty-eight year old, from south of London, Prince of Sweden grew up in the countryside, his main musical education came from his dad, and he learned the guitar from the boy with the strawberry farm opposite his house.

His latest single “Cabaret” is probably one of his most captivating releases that this talented artist has published to date. Sinuous and sometimes charming, through an approach to timeless songwriting, with “Cabaret” Sweden warms the listener’s soul with disarming simplicity, giving to us a rewarding and charismatic pop rock song, in which indie and melodic influences fade gently.

Through riffs and lyricisms that are far from trivial, Prince of Sweden sets up a musical aesthetic with a vaguely retro touch, sealed at the same time by the exquisiteness of the personal, unique and contemporary style that this artist exhibits with his soft, expressive and engaging vocal performance .

A creative, organic and permeating unicum, perfect underlining of the introverted and reflective text of the song itself.

Prince of Sweden‘s latest single “Cabaret” is already available on Soundcloud [ here ] and on Youtube [ here ].

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