The Liverpool-based 4-piece band Polybius unleashes the high-octane blend of their latest single ‘Who Watches The Watchmen?’. As a true sound machine, Polybius’ latest work resonates powerful and vehement as few others, fueled by a mix of hard rock and transversal glimpses of alternative metal.

The explosion of sound that Polybius brings to us with their ‘Who Watches The Watchmen?’ gallops unstoppable on a bass and drums work that stomp and run like a speeding train, while thick thunderous guitar riffs explode around scratching and gritty vocals, delivering a full load of their distinguishable style.

A continuous surprise, between stop and go, choirs’ elevations, and swirling instrumental bridges, which organically follow one another in a frenetic chain of emotional and vibrant assaults, with ‘Who Watches The Watchmen?’ Polybius will keep you glued to the speakers like few others. You can bet on it!

Listen now to ‘Who Watches The Watchmen?’, the latest single from Polybius, and find out more about their music, checking the links below:

Polybius // Who Watches The Watchmen - single cover