Inspired and influenced by the sound of genuine rock, with “One for the Road” Plastic Barricades continue to experiment with alternative styles, sounds and indie approaches.

Dan Kert (guitars, keyboards and vocals) and Paul Love (drums, percussion and backing vocals) form the London duo Plastic Barricades, who recently published “One for the Road”, the first single of their next LP “Self-Theories”, scheduled for the beginning of 2020.

Distinguished by a romantic vein and an honest delivery, “One for the Road” is a song that asks questions and tries to find answers. As in a sort of hymn to the freedom of exploration, the melodic and melancholic harmony of the piece is the perfect way through which the imaginative vision of the song is transmitted to us.

“One for the Road” is like an open window on a road that goes beyond the horizon. It beckons us to follow it with an open heart, taking everything it has to give us. In “One for the Road” there is something new and fresh, like a heady scent in the air, like the lightness of the wind in your hair, which invites you to let yourself be permeated by the rhythm of the modern world.

The vibrations of “One for the Road” are not an escape from the daily routine. Rather this song teaches you to use it to recharge yourself. To appreciate the surrounding world, moment by moment, leaving behind fears and worries.

Inspired by Jack Kerouac’s novel “On the road”, “One for the Road” also comes with a music video, created by Elina Pasok, Plastic Barricades’ art director. The video, which uses amateur footage filmed by American families during the late 1950s, offers a visual that enriches the theme and the delivery of the song.

Watch now the music video of “One for the road”, available on Youtube [ here ], and don’t forget to follow Plastic Barricades on Facebook [ here ].

Plastic Barricades // "One for the Road" - artwork
Plastic Barricades // "One for the Road" - artwork, by Elina Pasok