Rock band Planet Peacock has recently released their album titled “The Brown Sound“. Among the fantastic tracks that compose it the song “Blind Side” stands out, a vibrant number that brings us all the characteristic sound of this band.

Planet Peacock is a rock band that emerges from the mass thanks to a timeless and penetrating sound, and that in “The Brown Sound” shines with its own light for the multiple and fantastic melodies that we find in practically all the tracks of the album.

Among these, “Blind Side” is the apex, with its musical delivery full of energizing vibrations, guided by graceful distorted guitar sounds, and a bass line and a drum work that make the piece march forward in a coherent and natural way.

The soloist voice is layered with backing vocals; together, they open up even more a sound spectrum built on arrangements and mix constructed to magnify the harmony and definition of each of the single elements, as they enhance each other.

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Listen now to “The Brown Sound“, the album from Planet Peacock, which is available on Spotify here ] and YouTube [ here ].

Planet Peacock // " The Brown Sound" - cover
Planet Peacock // “The Brown Sound” – cover