Billboard Latin Artist to Watch, PJ SIN SUELA is out with ‘Loco Loquito’, the first single taken from his debut album.

The result of his collaboration with the award-winning and renowned singer-songwriter Jorge Drexler, the song is now available on all major digital and streaming platforms.

‘Loco Loquito’ is essentially a love story between two people who are crazy about each other but neither of them knows it, with lyrics focused on using words that start with the letter “e”. It’s a sort of conversation focused on a 100-word wide word play that PJ created by taking weeks to write the lyrics, thinking about words that begin with this vowel.

Undoubtedly, ‘Loco Loquito’ is far from a stock song, with its complex construction that will not be easy for everyone to understand. But from this comes the main unique feature of a decidedly transversal production, a drift further accentuated by the originality of the the use of strings, clarinets and flutes in the chorus.

Listen now to ‘Loco Loquito’, the single by PJ SIN SUELA, available in digital streaming, accompanied by an official video available on Youtube.