Pistol For Ringo // "Kings of Bad Behavior" - album cover
Pistol For Ringo // “Kings of Bad Behavior” – album cover

With three successful EPs and two albums, Pistol for Ringo stood out in the indie rock scene, from Los Angeles to the West Coast.

Since 2013, the year of their first release, they have continuously evolved their indie rock, finding ever more inventive ways to enchant us.

With their latest album, “Kings of Bad Behavior“, they showed that their style is still evolving. And the single taken from this release “Case Of The Tuesdays” is one of the highlights which shines.

This is a track that works on a great groove, which feels familiar, fresh and contagious. It showcases an intelligent and smooth twist on musical standards that doesn’t follow the trends or fashions of the current zeitgeist.

Thanks also to the artists’ performance, which is direct and open, “Case Of The Tuesdays” transmits all the vibrant creativity of the band. There is a very personal charge, typical of Pistol for Ringo, with an exceptional mix of sound from rock to pop.

Case Of The Tuesdays” shows how great the band is at creating a sophisticated and complete song, with a captivating aesthetic.

Listen now to “Case Of The Tuesdays“, and start to discover the music of Pistol for Ringo from “Kings of Bad Behavior” album.

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