Like a self-propelled oscilloscope swinging around a seductive focal centre, Pillars plays with the stereophonic spectrum and with suggestive atmospheres with a minimal, almost dry construction, capable of opening up and playing like a sonic embrace imbued with deep expressiveness.

While lulling us among phrasing, rebounds, suspensions and delicate delays, Pillars manages to evoke an aura of exquisitely satisfying refinement and sophistication, hovering on the wings of the incorporeal caresses of the ethereal ‘Blame’, to then slide along the darker and more granular folds of ‘Better Me’, up to push us into a gradual ascent to the top of the musical pinnacle that is ‘Comfort’.

Alternating moments of cadenced determination with seething revealing movements, ‘Circa’ is a reflection on past mistakes, regrets and behaviours. Echoes of past times and cathartically narcissistic parentheses follow one another, like the throbs of an ever-present beat: ready to arrive, now, perhaps in a moment… circa.

Pillars // Circa - EP cover
Pillars // Circa - EP cover

The three years of silence were worth the wait. As suggest by Pillar’s moniker, inspired by the Christian pillar-saints who spent time on a journey of self-discovery, secluded in the mountains from the rest of society, she is continuing to give breath and perspective to a new path, making her mark in the world of electronic music.

The musical renaissance of Pillars is already underway: a bolder and pervasive artistic evolution, which already looks to a tomorrow made of resilience that has already begun. Really, can you imagine something as beautiful?

Listen now to ‘Circa’, the brand-new EP by Pillars, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms.

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