Already hailed as an expressive “ethereal, enveloping, rhythmic and very personal” act, Pieceszx unleashes his distinctive mix of EDM sounds, skillfully weaving them with pop, techno and ambient textures, and lining them with lyrics in English, Spanish and Catalan.

After his first full LP ‘Tropico’ and the EP ‘Tropico.extended’, and following his change of style that in 2020 led him towards a darker electronic aesthetic, ‘Reverbs’ includes the enveloping and sensual “Money Queer”, a single that we talked about earlier here: Pieceszx // Money Queer.

With ‘Reverbs’, the second full-length album released by Pieceszx on May 8, the Catalan artist gives us a fresh and articulated digression and miscellany of techno, pop, dance and urban music sounds.

Here bright synths and up-beat tempos follow one another with more experimental sounds, touching trap and dark ambient, while Pieceszx’s lyrics unravel themes of mental health, local political situations, visibility of the queer community and critical statements.

A 13-track non-stop album that is an unmissable opportunity to dive deeply into the suggestive musical creativity of Pieceszx.

Listen now to ‘Reverbs’, the brand-new full-length album by Pieceszx, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your preferred one via

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