An independent electronic music producer and singer based in Barcelona, Pieceszx was born in a small town in Catalonia, Spain. Mixing EDM, pop, techno and ambient sounds with lyrics in English, Spanish and Catalan, his productions focus on big city experiences, political statements or personal themes such as dealing with stress, going to therapy, or insomnia.

‘Money Queer’, first single from the upcoming full-length album ‘Reverbs’, is Pieceszx’s new sound drift,  an enveloping and sensual listening experience in which beats with reggaeton and urban roots are mixed with darker elements of electronic music and lyrics about the visibility of queer people, ignored and not represented in the world of music, television and media, where they are usually labeled as borderline subjects.

Pieceszx // Money Queer - single artwork

The track is accompanied by an official music video, directed and produced by Liquorice, entirely shot in an industrial factory, on a 12-hour shooting day. The more than 15 extras from the various sides of the LGBTQIA world help the video portray a vision from within the realm of the LGBT experience. The location chosen for the shooting itself is meant to represent and embody the typical environments of the underground clubs where queer parties take place.

In telling us what to expect from the view of the video for ‘Money Queer’, Pieceszx explains: “Between flashing lights and dark sounds, in addition to glitter and kisses, ‘Money Queer’ brings a representation of what you can find in some of these parties.”

Listen now to ‘Money Queer’, Pieceszx‘s latest single, available in streaming on the main digital platforms, and watch the official video on Youtube. Find the links below:

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