Developing a brilliant and luxuriant multi-layered sound, the core group Phantom Phunk strikes back with a work that sounds like a sort of psychedelic journey, lush with synth sounds and moved by a rhythmic push-and-pull.

Here Phantom Phunk brings us a work signed by Hector Alexander Fontanet, Nick Emiliozzi and Parry Kitt, who composed the song, while for the lyrics we find Wayne J Price, Parry L Kitt and Hector Alexander. This is a valuable follow-up to the single ‘Day by Day’, about which we talked in a previous article. If you missed it, you can find it here: Phantom Phunk // Day By Day

Set into an alternative atmosphere, playing on panning and reverbs that come and go in waves on the voices on several occasions, with ‘Tongue Tied’ Phantom Phunk bring us a work that is noteworthy for its distinctive and sui-generis touch.

It is an ecstatic listening experience of exquisite workmanship, made dynamic by the way melodic parts alternate with rapped flowing sections, all within a spatially composed, balanced and well thought out sound spectrum.

Filled with a sense of vulnerability born from isolation, and therefore from the desire for connection, Phantom Phunk’s ‘Tongue Tied’ is a song that made us feel human like few others.

Phantom Phunk - Tongue Tied - single cover
Phantom Phunk - Tongue Tied - single cover

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