Phantom Phunk is a songwriting project based off Harmonic Factory studio in Tampa. Since 2016, using their studio space, the core group of writers has produced sounds and rhythms that override genre labels. Motivated by their collaborative intent, their songs feature guest singers and producers, in an aim to always expand their musical ideas.

This musical ambiguity is reflected in a kaleidoscopic creative richness that allows Phantom Phunk to effortlessly move between styles and genres, ranging from psychedelic rock to cloud rap. Their mixture of alt-rock and hip-hop gives the group a progressive sound, in some ways comparable to, or at least vaguely reminiscent of, Gorillaz & Outkast.

After their previous release “Catacombs“, Phantom Phunk now announce the release of “Day By Day“, a new single that we had the opportunity to preview. Expected for February 14, “Day By Day” shows all the vibrant, eclectic and histrionic creative vision of Phantom Phunk. Through this peculiar, unique and transversal piece, they offer us a musical richness that on the surface level may sometimes seem cacophonic, but hides another layer underneath, one built on a smart management of the elements saturating the sound spectrum. “Day By Day” is undoubtedly something different from everyday pap.

To don’t miss the release of “Day By Day“, the new single from Phantom Phunk, and to know more about their music, check the links below:

Phantom Phunk // “Day By Day” - artwork
Phantom Phunk // “Day By Day” - artwork
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