AN APPRECIATED COMEBACK. We covered the work on Pete Sahaidachny in another article, about a release he did under the moniker “Creative Vibrations”.

A little back in time, you can read more about the previous work signed by  Pete Sahaidachny in this article:

Now, Pete brought us a new single, in which the cosmic atmosphere of ambient music is blended with deep sound research and spacey effects, created thanks to the experience of the artist.

The result is “Messages”, a song that invites us to make the best of the messages that we constantly receive, in different forms.

The tune is a work of musical research: Pete’s coarse voice is perfectly complemented by the music, creating a series of sensations and feeling in the listener, sometimes almost physical, thanks to the amp and the effects that they create. The special effects have also the job of introducing the principal part of the song: a guitar that becomes the protagonist, together with the lyrics, of an abstract song in which everyone can find something that speaks to them.

The voice of the singer is one of the most notable aspects of the song. Without any doubt, it can be considered instrument itself: it is rough but refined at the same time, and it is the perfect tool to deliver the lyrics. It brings us the emotions and the feelings that the tune is supposed to raise.

Listen now to "Messages," the latest Single by Pete Sahaidachny, available only on Bandcamp. You can listen to it here:

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