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Melancholy folk reminiscent of the most iconic acts and a pure and pristine acoustic guitar to embrace the rich voice of Pete Miller – this is “I Wrote Hannah a Letter,” a track taken from the recent album “Live On Record.”

Raw and genuine in its own way, the folk, country, and rock elements that Pete weaves into his performance work like a wedge driving into the depths of poetic introspection storytelling.

Pete’s debut album, released on 12 August 2022 under the MTS Records label, has already amassed several tens of thousands of Spotify streams while hitting the iTunes Top 20 Songwriter chart in the UK.

Raw, at times unfiltered, sometimes downright raw, Miller channels the vivid, lived-in spirit of homemade poetic lyrics picking his acoustic vision.

Imperfect as it is genuine, tied to simpler portrayals when grounded in the energy of a poignant delivery, there’s nothing extravagant about Pete Miller’s style, but it’s authentic as they come… what you see is really what you get.

The release of “I Wrote Hannah a Letter” is accompanied by a musical visual with lyrics. Check it out on Pete Miller’s official Youtube channel.

Listen now to I Wrote Hannah a Letter, the latest Video by Pete Miller, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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