Now far from the prolific “colourful cast of criminally insane characters” he called his friends, the kind who fuel any singer-songwriter in search of inspiration, and marked by a three-year isolation phase lived in a caravan, with no real association with a town or a community, Gardiner continues to enucleate a poetic lexicon full of social conscience and engagement.

Moving from an inward perspective, his declination becomes an opening towards the world around him. Its chaos, dramas, and its struggle become  more central while he is addressing issues such as Brexit, climate change, Donald Trump, and even COVID-19.

As Pete said: “Everyone’s got to pick their side with all of these issues. But it seems no matter which side you’re on there ain’t no lucky winners and there’s no one keeping the score.”

The ease with which he juxtaposes individual frustration with a more thoughtful and broader perspective is reflected in the mix of savoir faire and verve with which Gardiner highlights his ‘Pick Your Side’.

Here, immersed in an exquisitely intelligent production, we find a touch of captivating musicality, drawn by irresistible sing-along hooks, which at first glance may appear frivolous if not downright impudent, but which underneath reveals all the significant depth of this unmissable number.

Listen now to ‘Pick Your Side’, the latest single from Pete Gardiner, and find out more about Pete and his music by checking the links below: