A fruitful collaboration in the path of the Nu house – Pepper Gomez presents Oh My Heart featuring Tacboy, the new single that will make us dance all summer long.

Pepper Gomez surely knows what she wants. So much that she created her own record label to freely experiment, release the music that she wants, and give space to artists that share his view.

This is the household that one can find with the label Wake Up! Music, now sporting a new collaboration with the artist Tacboy.

We are talking about Oh my Heart. A groovy track, catchy and danceable, in which the sound flows out effortlessly. Here each part works perfectly with all the others as part of an organic biome, streaming like a river of sound into our ears and our brains.

Exactly as Tacboy works perfectly with Pepper Gomez. While Gomez compares him to a young Lizard King – the renowned Jim Morrison, for those who weren’t around a few decades ago – the extra that Tacboy provides to this new work comes from his aptitude for injecting a special jolt into the piece.

An important feature of this song is the lyric video, which fulfills perfectly the vision of the project: it highlights the strength of the tune, the lyrics penned by Tacboy himself, moreover the groove; in an explosion full of colors, with simple images embellished by playful effects and by the lyrics always present in the middle of the screen.

The final result is an enjoyable and danceable number, infectious in his captivating rhythm, and representative of the genre Nu house, the main specialty of Pepper Gomez and her label.

As soon as it will be possible to dance together again, it is not difficult to imagine Oh My Heart played in every nightclub, to accompany us in the limelight nights of today and tomorrow.

Listen now to Oh My Heart, the latest by Pepper Gomez featuring Tacboy. Find the lyric video on the Wake Up! Music YouTube channel.

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