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Produced by Kirk Kelsey and mastered by Adam Fulton, the new work by the multifaceted Canadian artist Pennan Brae will be accompanied by a music video set to arrive on June 25th and introduces an adamantine album that is nothing short of exciting.

As in an evolutionary progression aimed at expanding the vision and deepening the concept, Weed & Whiskey Women (Distilled Mix) illuminates Brae’s sonic landscape and creative perspective like a phosphoric flare.

The sensation of latent fever, numbed by the alienating effect of the boundlessness of this scenario, is the coherent continuation of the journey of a dreamer who, with previous releases, made us fly on a dreaming rocket to the moon … and beyond.

But contrary to what one would expect, Brae does not choose to embark on a longing and hopeful probationary journey seeking new worlds, new aliens, or easy chimeras in which even the most stubborn of prospectors would get lost, himself and his message.

Far from that whirlpool, here the two added particles of the title, Distilled Mix, are not the usual false label, cold and sterile, which grumbles but does not explain. “Lyrically it represents the musings of a man reflecting on wilder times in his past life & a desire to hit the straight & narrow,” Pennan told us, sharing the about of his new single.

Then, that Distilled Mix is ​​not an appendix, but it is the can that contains all the meaning, the pasta, even the genetic imprint of the song itself. Of course, weed, whiskey, and women are not lacking, but in reality, they are “only” elements of context.

Thanks to a sound that is as organic as it is exploratory, the aesthetics of the song remain connected to certain retro canons, and at the same time gives an atmospheric sense, that between skilfully dosed reverbs and ingenious touches of tribal percussion riffs, make the delivery of the entire piece to trot, determined to reach that dot on the horizon, despite having to dribble displaced senses.

This is how the intoxicating nectar that Penna Brae gives us becomes a distillate that makes us drunk even just listening to it. Brilliant song, which also emerges for the mastery and attention to detail put in place by producer Kirk Kelsey and mastering engineer Adam Fulton, Weed & Whiskey Women (Distilled Mix) is yet another great work by Brae.

A touch of genius, written by the hand of a farsighted artist, of whom we are sure we will have something to write and tell and listen to for a long time, starting with the imminent release of his highly anticipated next album “Cinema”.

We have already taken our seats in the front row, beautifully comfortable in our armchair with the inevitable basket full of popcorn, ready to enjoy that next show. And you? 

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The release of Pennan Brae's next album, Cinema, is expected on June 25, coinciding with the launch of the Weed & Whiskey Women (Distilled Mix) music video.


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