PC Muñoz is a recording artist, producer, and writer based in San Francisco. Muñoz’s singular music aesthetic bridges the gap between pop, free jazz, musique concréte, and the insistent rhythms of funk and hip-hop.

Muñoz’s body of work includes GRAMMY®-nominated contemporary classical music with composer and cellist Joan Jeanrenaud, as well as projects with rock legend Jackson Browne, Oakland hip-hop heavyweight Kev Choice, Dr. Fink of Prince and the Revolution, poet and chanteuse Ingrid Chavez, and countless others.

A blend of funk and synthwave that slips sensually into vaporwave streams, the latest work from Muñoz is the persuasive and mellow single ‘All the Time’, featuring classical violinist Matthew Szemela. Here jazz-hop cycles and digressions unfold granularly in a chill-hop atmosphere, which mixes excitement, mellifluous relaxation and augmenting tension, giving life to an exquisitely unique number of electronic music.

Listen now to PC Muñoz latest single ‘All the Time’, featuring Matthew Szemela, and find out more about his music, checking the links below:

PC Muñoz // All the Time - single cover
PC Muñoz // All the Time - single cover
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