British musician, composer, producer, and former keyboard player of the acclaimed 80s new wave band Re-Flex, Paul Fishman has worked with some of the greatest western artists of all time. He has composed music for the Superman film series, contributed original compositions to over 100 films, toured around the world, is the writer of the international hit “Politics of Dancing”, and has produced a variety of radio programs on contemporary Chinese music under the title “Xi Carnival”.

Fishman recently finished his first solo project in 15 years, an electronically inspired album titled It’s About Time, bound to be released in two parts, the first of which is already available.

The result of a composition work started in 2016, in It’s About Time Fishman combines electronic music with different genres, through cyber-funk and ambiance detours. In It’s About Time there are unusual mixes, with great melodies that harmoniously intertwine with rich stereoscopic textures, signs of a true master of sound modeling. His creativity is displayed even more so by the fact Fishman took inspiration also from obsolete electronic equipment, that he rediscovered in a desire to try something new, if not, going even further, acting from an avant-garde, experimental perspective.

Paul Fishman // "It's About Time part One" - album cover
Paul Fishman // "It's About Time part One" - album cover

This is how, with 15 years of musical career behind him, Fishman gives us a splendidly vast album, in which he organically infuses all his experience and the unique characterization of his creative vision.

It’s About Time, Part I is an electronic album that goes beyond innovation, in which more retro identity sounds flow together with more experimental ones to create a musical unicum that challenges genre definitions. This isn’t a project born of affectation with the intent of creating music for a very few, selected people; but rather, it is a stimulating example of how it is still possible and interesting to create music that goes beyond certain borders.

It feels like, with the 8 instrumental tracks that form It’s About Time, Part I, Paul Fishman returns to his love for composing electronic music with other instruments, offering us a journey that develops through dynamic musical paths, in which references to his influences and past works are projected into new mixtures, perfect synchronisms, prospective convolutions and involutions of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Immerse yourself now in Paul Fishman‘s visionary creation by listening to It’s About Time, Part I, available on Spotify.

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