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Performer on the Go releases new song “There”, a pop-folk tune signed by Patty Duffey.

Performers on the Go, LLC, and Patty Duffey, CEO, have started a new library dedicated to sync song placements for movies, TV, commercials, podcasts, and social media.

“Our songwriting focus for additions to the library will be on songs that have universal themes that make them well-positioned for sync placement opportunities.” So CEO Duffey introduces the PotGO catalog characterization; then she continues: “Other Performers on the Go songs are in process for the sync library, with an early 2023 release plan.”

One of the first additions to the Performers on the Go catalog is the folk-pop song titled “There”. Released on 10/21/2022, “There” is about the extreme power inherent in friendship and how best friends can help you and help each other overcome anything because they are always there, for good as well as bad times.

While their doors are always open even during the ups and downs, they always know how to make things better, precisely in those moments when it is most needed. So they protect all that is said, “every word and motion sacred.”

“One recent day, three separate calls from friends made me realize how comforting it is to know when people have your back.” So Patty shares the backdrop of her song. Then she digs in adding more: “At that point, the writing of” There “began and memories of both current and long-term cherished friendships were incorporated into the song. The songwriting took place while on long runs and hikes and was recorded and pieced together through dozens of cell phone clips and notes. Taking the time to recall the keepsake moments with friends, helped capture the songs emotions and the marveled depth of friendship.”

Patty worked with a tremendous team on the song, which included 20-year-old singer-songwriter pop artist Amelia Earnshaw on lead vocals; musician Owen Korzec, on bass, drums, guitar, and keys; Brad Young (BKY Studios), on vocal production; singer-songwriter Maximilian Wentz on song’s acoustic demo; BKY Studios on vocal production, engineering and mastering, and Owen Korzec Productions on instrumental production and engineering. As Brad commented, “Amelia has a pure, clear, and current pop sound, which fits the song perfectly. She was masterful throughout the whole studio session and learned the song through Patty’s cell phone clips in minutes.”

Listen now to There, the latest Single by Patty Duffey, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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