From eccentric married couple Patrick and Kate comes the electro sound of their new single ‘You Made Me That Way’.

Patrick and Kate are an eccentric married couple that started creating music together when they met 5 years ago. Their story begins at an open mic in their hometown of Torrington, CT.

Today, Patrick and Kate reside in Boston, MA, ready to make waves in a new music scene while building an audience in the tristate area. Sharing a love for pop music, Kate incorporates her jazz / funk roots into her singing and songwriting, and Patrick brings his music production skills plus a niche for electro to the mix.

Their latest released is the single ‘You Made Me That Way’, an infusion of electro sounds with a unique feeling. “The concept behind this piece is the craze of a relationship, where you may work through the struggles to bring you closer together, or see how the intensity of romance can quickly fizzle when things get challenging”, say Patrick and Kate about their song, giving

Here, the first fruit is a call to the listener’s heartstrings, resident in their vocal duet, made unique by the juxtaposition of Kate’s sweet touch and Patrick’s loud tone, who give life to a sparkling and addictive number thanks to the chemistry of people who share more than a love for music.

Listen now to ‘You Made Me That Way’ by Patrick & Kate, and find out more about their music, checking the links below: