King of hard pop, musical innovator ahead of his time, dancer and post-millennial model master of seduction, as well as ultimate impostor. So the artist Party Pants comes to the pop scene with a self-titled single and a white-turquoise debut video, bringing to the table a fresh and compelling upbeat number.

Whether you consider him an enlightened genius who knows very well what he’s doing, or more trivially an empowered underdog who thinks he is much cooler than he really is, remains that with his ‘Party Pants’ this histrionic artist will capture the attention of many.

Published last March 27 on all digital platforms, the track sounds like a catchy silly poppy song with an original twist, offspring of that pop culture made up of carefree vibrations, partying unruliness and winking pastel colors. These are key ingredients, that we find dosed with attractive emphasis also in the official video of the song, which takes the listener’s involvement to a higher level, pulling him into an atmosphere suspended between reality and imagination, real and surreal, wonder and daze.

Here Party Pants gives the best of his exuberant touch, far from being veiled, showcasing his artistic signature, condensing in the 4 minutes and 50 of the video, a storytelling that is all genius and unruly.

An unmissable and out-of-the-box pop video, ‘Party Pants’ is available on all the major digital platforms and on Party Pants’ Youtube channel.

Party Pants // Party Pants - single cover
Party Pants // Party Pants - single cover

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