Palm Lakes evokes 80s-inspired anthems and the magic of an endless summer, releasing the brand-new single “Desert Love.”

From the beaches of the tropics, the UK born brothers Ian and Tim Hardwick sprinkle and spread the glitter of their latest retro-synth number.

Built on a melodic idea that came to Ian while sitting under the starry skies of the Mojave desert in southern California, the latest from the Pal Lakes duo is an epic production with a lush aesthetic, which condenses and at the same time enhances that kind of adventurous spirit of the 80s.

Featuring special guest Paul Dymott on lead guitar, the Hardwick brothers’ song moves amiably between heartfelt verses and memorable choruses, framing a soaring middle section capable of captivating any listener.

The retrowave atmosphere of “Desert Love” captures the most adventurous fold of the sentiment of love, shifting between a sense of nostalgic loss and uplifting reassurance.

While listening to “Desert Love,” it will be a delight to be carried to distant tropical shores on the emotional onset developed by bright synth pads, epic bass, chilling guitars, and soothing vocals.

Indeed, with “Desert Love,” the Palm Lakes duo has created a single that further enhances and embellishes their stylistic touch. Moreover, while many elements of their work recalls and owe to 80’s synth-pop, here, the Hardwick brothers have raised the bar even further, giving us a piece that has nothing to do with carbon copies or hackneyed beats.

Undoubtedly, it will be very interesting to see how they will further develop their sound and their musical delivery with future releases.

Listen now to “Desert Love,” the latest single by Palm Lakes they released on the indie label TW1 Records. Out on 16th October 2020, “Desert Love” is available for streaming on all the major digital platforms.

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