TW Walsh // Invincible Light

TW Walsh – songwriter, musician and engineer based in Boston, MA – is back with his brand new single Invincible Light, featuring Yuuki Matthews and Aaron Sterling.

This song draws the listener into it, with its radiant and colorful melodies and reverb-drenched vocals. It’s like a custom-made frame for a perfectly painted picture of sun-soaked summer horizons.

Invincible Light is available on all the main streaming platforms. Listen to it and don’t forget to follow this talented artist on BandCamp [ here ].

Subminimal // Microfluidics

Based somewhere in Iceland, in 2012 Subminimal released their second EP Microfluidics, an immersive mix of electronic, drum & bass and dubstep.

Behind the beautiful cover art by Tjörvi Óskarsson & Jóhann Ómarsson, lie 5 tracks for us to discover. Microfluidics is an interesting blend of experimental sounds, which provides dark atmospheres layered with electronic glitches clever drum patterns and earth-shaking basslines.

Find out more about Subminimal on BandCamp [ here ], and listen to Microfluidics to start to discover their music.

Icarus The Owl // Qualia

Icarus The Owl is a Blue Swan Records artist from Portland, OR. They are known for their frequent time signature changes and tap-guitar lines in what otherwise are catchy pop songs.

With 12 releases between 2012 and 2017, and a considerable number of live performances, they have built a name for themselves over the years.

Qualia is their first album, released in 2011. Here math rock meets emo and college rock in a fresh and original way. This is a catchy album, made of 4 well-written songs, with a great balance between inspiration and technique.

Check Icarus The Owl out on BandCamp [ here ] to discover their discography, for their special edition vynils, and listen to Qualia to discovery their music.

The Volume Settings Folder // Year I

The Volume Settings Folder is an ambient-drone-post-rock music project developed by guitarist M. Beckmann since 2011, based somewhere in the often-foggy countryside of north-eastern Italy.

With more than 8 hours of ambient experimental music, Year I is an immersive listening experience, which offers genuine and suggestive atmospheres.

After his first and never published before raw studies, this album is the fruit of M. Beckmann‘s first year of activity.

Find out more about this artist, and check out Year I, available on Bandcamp [ here ].

Disinterment // Defiled Covenant

Disinterment is a band formed in the early 1990s, firstly based in Marikina, Philippines. They were part of the 1990s death/thrash metal and punk movement in Manila. The group disbanded in 1999, but regrouped in 2000, in the United States, exclusively to record and release music until 2004.

Formed by 5 members, this band was known for its perpetual headbanging windmill sported in live performances that threw their audience into a frenzy.

Defiled Covenant was released in 2003-2007 as a special physical album, distributed in Florida, California and the state of New York. In 2008 they released two more albums: Demoniacal Dispel and Domination Defied, but Defiled Covenant remains the trademark of the band’s sound.

A gritty and raw sound, characterized by typical but not trivial warbles, is built on sophisticated arrangements, with unexpected drum riffs, solid bass lines, and soaring, crisp guitarworks. There is a high degree of refinement in the production of this album.

Built on ten tracks of relentless and solid death metal intensity, Defiled Covenant erupts howling its typical death metal sound. It’s a trip to an underwolrd where dark melodies alternate with calming atmospheres, like the glimmer of a hellfire that cycles through blazing explosions and smoldering fades. The first track, Distro, is like the opening of a portal to hell, while Defiled Covenant makes us tumble into a frenetic sightseeing tour of the “land of the damned.”

This album delivers a furious and groundbreaking sound as a single powerful unit, thanks to the chemistry between the band members and their musical skills. It’s the mark of a refined, veteran metal band.

It’s an album with uncompromising attitude and strong sense of identity, which converge to communicate the unique personality of this band. A reference for anyone who wants to produce music. Regardless of genre.

Disinterment // Defiled-Covenant - album cover
Disinterment // Defiled-Covenant - album cover

Apple Boy // Apple Boy

Apple Boy is a Swedish singer and songwriter. In 2012 he released his 5-tracks long self-titled album.

The songs are in an acoustic folk style, with a warm and intimate sound. Subdued vocals and guitars played with a gentle touch are the elements that characterize the entire album.

Listen now to the caressing touch of Apple Boy, on BandCamp [ here ].

Brando Albers // Fading Away

From Ontario, Canada, Brando Albers released Fading Away, a truly unique electro-pop alum with a dark and introverted feeling.

This entirely self-produced album gives us a vintage electronic sound, enriched with a contemporary formula, with sweet and melancholy vocal.

The whole tracklist sounds consistent and shines throughout the album, thanks to a watermark that links each song.

Fading Away is a fantastic album, particularly interesting and to discover.

Listen to Fading Away, and start dig into Brando Albers music.

Glen Hansard // Rhythm and Repose

Glen Hansard // Rhythm and Repose - album cover

With Rhythm and Repose, Glen Hansard has released a noteworthy indie folk album.

This is a production of music with a simple structure, based on few elements, but with a spontaneous and personal feeling, which leaves you inspired when you listen to it.

This record came out with very little fanfare, but it is one of those rare gems.

Listen now to Rhythm and Response, available on all streaming platforms.

Don’t forget to follow this talented artist on Facebook [ here ] and check his website [ here ] to keep updated on all his releases.

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