Featuring: Rob Alexander’s music

Producing an album of this type in today’s music industry scenario can be a very difficult challenge. A requirement sought in any new production, almost at any cost, is the novelty factor. But Alexander isn’t necessarily trying to reinvent the wheel.

It is certainly not his goal. With “Long Road Coming Home” Rob gives us a production that is well rooted in the music of the 80s, but that carries the originality and authenticity of a consistent and reliable front man.

Rob Alexander // Long Road Coming Home - artwork
Rob Alexander // Long Road Coming Home - artwork

This is how this singer and songwriter, armed with a well-defined creative vision, gives us 12 tracks full of hooks.

Among these we will talk about those that caught our imagination the most.

Let’s start with the second track, which is the title track. “Long Road Coming Home” is a song that seems to perfectly embody Alexander’s singer-songwriter dualism.

The lyrics and vocal performance contribute to projecting a very clear sound image, layered over several narrative and structural levels.

The result is a blend of inspiration and expressiveness, which unfolds in its heterogeneity in front of our ears. Alexander enchants by dynamically modulating his performance, like an ebb and flow through which he leads us to the sentimental epicenter of the song.

Another track worth examining is number three, “Better Than That.” This is a properly produced song, with a simple but effective arrangement that stands out for its brilliant sound.

The main star is once again Alexander’s voice. The approach is intimate and gentle, allowing you to perceive his singing as an intimate performance, a show put on exclusively with just one, very special listener in mind: you.

Deep and smoky, Alexander’s voice adds the right nuance to the piece, making it distinctive.

Rob Alexander - photo shoot
Rob Alexander - photo shoot

Continuing our journey through the variegated creativity that Alexander shows off in this album, we cannot fail to mention “Back to the Radio“, the track that opens the entire album.

Back to the Radio” is the piece that any songwriter would like to write. Recognizable, distinguishable and fresh, it has a catchy melody, an engaging rhythm, the lyrics are easy to relate, and the sound is familiar in its fundamentals, but original in its nuances and accents.

Alexander’s performance further enhances the energy of the song. Indeed, to be honest, there is a resounding kind of determination that this artist injects with grace and balance in every single note and pause.

This is among the best songs of the whole album.

We conclude our roundup by arriving at track number six, “When I’m Gone“. A song that deserves to be placed in a separate category. Alexander dedicated this song to George Michael, and “When I’m Gone” is a sad piece underlined by a vein of blues, enhanced by passionate melodies and a sincere delivery.

Written the same day as Michael’s death in 2016, Alexander reflects on a universally relatable question: “What happens when we die? How will other people react to our passing?”

The gradual escalation of this song is one of its main strengths. Alexander’s songwriting demonstrates a thorough understanding of how dynamics can make a song truly memorable. Its evolution is a small cinematographic pop jewel. It opens with piano and voice, that effectively introduce a feeling of intimacy.

It then puts into play very energetic drums, aimed at increasing the potency of the song. Guitars and synthesizers seal the overall intention with crucial roles. Everything contributes to making the piece come to life on its own, as the musical discourse develops.

Even the electric guitar solo present in the second half of the song is tremendously functional, rather than just ornamental, placing an interesting accent on the arrangement.

In his vocal performance Alexander brings out a really profound emotionality. Layered just above the elements of the arrangement, it is placed exactly where it should be. Never undertone or overloaded, Alexander’s singing is vibrant in the exact amount needed to bring out the emotions required by the challenging lyrics.

Discover Rob Alexander‘s music and listen now to “Long Road Coming Home“, available in streaming on Spotify and on all the other main digital platforms [ here ].

The words of “When I’m Gone” speak of someone meditating on what will happen after their death. Even a superficial listening makes it clear that George Michael’s death struck Alexander on a deep level. This creates a blend of emotions and introspection, which combines technical permeance with a personally felt sentimental transport, further raising the weight and value of Alexander’s performance and of the whole piece.

With “When I’m Gone” Alexander surpasses himself and touches the summit, leading us to go full circle in our attempt at exploring his artistic, technical, visionary, and expressive abilities.

What we have outlined is the profile of an artist whose voice is itself the main element that defines his identity.

To learn more about Rob Alexander and his music, follow him on his social networks:
Facebook here ] – Twitter here ]

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Rob Alexander // This Hollywood Road - single cover

Rob Alexander // This Hollywood Road

A radiant bloom in which to find the spark with every listening, ‘This Hollywood Road’ is the latest single by Rob Alexander, off of his album ‘Being Myself’.

Rob Alexander // "Being Myself" - album cover

Rob Alexander // Being Myself

Released last November, “Being Myself” by Rob Alexander is a collection made up only of original songs: ballads and more Rock numbers, ranging from pop to funk, to R&B.

Featuring: the creativity of Strike Boogie

A music that fascinates, intrigues and captivates.
Let’s discover the magic of Strike Boogie.

In view of the upcoming “NEUROTIC“, his second EP after the classical jazz, solo piano release that is “The Missing Key“, we explore the vastness of Strike Boogie‘s music.

Strike Boogie has a creative vision with truly wide spatiality, in which we find sentimental transport in performance, care in production, originality in writing and composition, and care in organizing the musical structure.

In “The Missing Key” all this translates into a sophisticated and not-static sound aesthetics, whose expressiveness moves harmoniously within each single piece with scenographic dynamics.

resonant breadth and vastness of the soundscape expands and shrinks depending
on the context and the musical phrasing. At the same time, the focus of the
performance moves together with the development of each single phrasing, shifting
closer or farther away to modulate the level of intimacy and introspection.

This is where the real magic of “The Missing Key” lies. Five solo piano tracks that sound like progressive arguments of a single, broader argument. An explanatory naturalness thanks to which Strike Boogie proves to be inside his natural element.

This expressive ability, which is certainly evident in “The Missing Key“, is also found in his most recent “Yesterday”, a single in which the high quality and the care put into production, too, stand out.

Fluid and floating, “Yesterday” displays a balanced and cohesive mix, with a deep low range, with rhythmic but soft pulsations. The velvety feeling produced by the sum of the various stratified vocal layers is lightened by percussion intrusions that come and go. Overall, it’s a truly avant-garde production, capable of transmitting a beautiful sensation, which transcends different genres and definitions. From hip-hop and R&B influences to electronics, industrial and even classical, Strike puts all his legacy inside “Yesterday“.

If we were to look for similarities with other well-known artists, the only one we’d name would be Prince. This is because the vastness and heterogeneity of Strike Boogie‘s music is such that to mention other artists would mean focusing only on a small fragment of his creativity.

Strike Boogie is a great all-round musician. He has a unique ability to combine forceful vocals with unique instrumentals, highlighting his versatility like few others.

creativity and sound experimentation, this artist creates innovative music,
with a vibrant sound and an inventive touch that will leave you wanting more of

to sum all we said so far into a metaphor, we could say all this is a
theatrical actor who loves to tread the boards.

A genuine love for sound, which Strike Boogie channels through his different creations, into something that transcends genre classification; something unique, one act after the other.

Keep in touch with Strike Boogie.
Check his official website [ here ]
and follow him on his socials
Facebook [ here ] – Instagram [ here ] – Twitter [ here ]

Discover now the music of Strike Boogie.
Listen to “The Missing Key” and “Yesterday
available on Spotify [ here ].

Kathy Ingraham // Cherish

Sensual and melodious, with a retro vein and a contemporary flavor.
Kathy Ingraham’s voice enraptures and astounds like few others.

Kathy Ingraham // Cherish - artwork
Kathy Ingraham // Cherish – artwork

After “That’s What Crazy Lovers Do“, talented singer and songwriter Kathy Ingraham returns with a new single titled “Cherish“, a sublime synergy between singing and music.

Characterized by an intimate and engaging atmosphere, this composition slips away like a sweet caress on the cheek, towards a pulsating groove and a smooth swing. Every single element of the song is perfectly defined and masterfully placed within the mix. The coherence that links them makes the message clear and intelligible.

Kathy’s vocal performance comes as a breath of fresh air, splendidly rich in nuance and dynamics, capable of transmitting a range of sensations that seems to be boundless. Next to that of Ingraham, stand out the performances by guitarist Elliott Randall and jazz icon Pete Levin, along with the drums of Joel Rosenblatt of SpyroGyra.

Cherish” is a glimpse into the vastness of the creative universe that Ingraham is capable of.

Perfectly able to gravitate between Jazz and Blues, Ingraham can steer with peculiar minimalism towards Pop, Folk, Rock, giving us the feeling she might move into whatever genre she wants.

With this new release, Kathy Ingraham shows off again her experience as a singer and songwriter. She has sung in television and radio commercials for organizations such as McDonald’s, Chrysler, ABC Network, Coke, Pepsi and many others. In 2014 she took her first step as an independent artist and since then has published numerous pieces, working with an impressive list of artists and composers.

This single shows a range of tenderness and passion, guided by an emotional, relaxing and passionate voice.

Find out more about Kathy Ingraham, and don’t miss this brand new single, “Cherish
available on Soundcloud [ here ], Spotify [ here ] and all other main digital platforms.

Don’t forget to keep updated on Kathy Ingraham‘s upcoming releases and events checking her official website [ here ].

Derek Lai // Empty Handed

“Empty-Handed”: emotional, uplifting and extremely contagious.
Derek Lai: vibrant to the point he makes your heart flutter.

Empty-Handed” is the new single from Derek Lai, a song with thoughtful lyrics, which lead us, through doubt and discouragement, towards a place of healing and empowerment.

Derek Lai // Empty Handed - artwork
Derek Lai // Empty Handed – artwork

Mixed by George Seara, who has worked with artists like Shawn Mendes, Lai’s new single is a clear example of the level of care that this artist puts in the production of his songs.

The piece has a groove whose main fuel is a passionate and engaging rhythmic guitar, which feeds the whole song, and emphasizes it thanks to the solos that give an additional accent to the piece.

With “Empty-Handed” Derek brings out all the passion he has in making music, further illuminating the piece. His vocal performance is perfectly set in the soundscape of the song. It vibrates and shines thanks to sentimental transport, and at the same time it sounds accessible thanks to a sound paste that feels fundamentally familiar.

It is thanks to the balanced combination of all these factors that Derek gives us a piece that opens the way through intimate and personal ideas, and makes them accessible and easy to relate to.

Once again Derek Lai chooses to take the less obvious way to live his dreams.

Once again, betting on himself has rewarded him well.

Listen now to “Empty Handed
available on SoundCloud [ + ] and Spotify [ + ]

Keep in touch with Derek Lai, follow him on
Instagram[ + ] Twitter [ + ] Tiktok [ + ] Youtube [ + ]

Derek Lai
Derek Lai

Maxime//The Honest Me Pt.1

An album with a vibrant emotional fullness. This is “The Honest Me Pt.1”
Who is Maxime, the Parisian artist who is charting new and exciting paths through pop?

Maxime Boublil was born in Paris, France, into a family of theater artists. His father, Alain, wrote the musical adaptation of Les Miserables and Miss Saigon, while his mother was the first Cosette at Les Miserables in France.

A cellist since childhood, after his major in Music in Visual Media at the Academy of Arts University of San Francisco, he continued his career as an engineer at Furstock Studios, with three-time ARIA Award-winning engineer Doug Brady. Having written over 50 songs, he began producing and recording his music.

The Honest Me Pt.1” is the manifesto of Maxime‘s creative talent, in which his sensitivity, his background and his heritage blend in unison to compose a vivid and brilliant production. The dedication that Maxime pours into the songs on this album seems to spring up, genuine and permeating, directly from the artist’s heart.

Through an emotionally expressive lyricism, Maxime creates  a true spectacle, telling us an inspired story. The skill he shows at mastering his voice is surprising, giving us a performance that is now resonant, now delicate, perfectly set in captivating arrangements which are genuine orchestrations.

The Honest Me Pt.1” is a full immersion listening experience. In its entirety, a unique work in the current music scene.

Energetic and uplifting.
Solid and sincere.
Among the most beautiful discoveries of 2019.

Keep in touch with Maxime following him on
Instagram [ here ] and Youtube [ here ].

Listen now to “The Honest Me Pt.1” which is available on
Spotify [ here ] and Soundcloud [ here ].

Lil Casino // Reinventing the Wheel

Lil Casino, a young San Diego artist with the spirit of a survivor.
Let’s explore his music together.

Lil Casino is the stage name under which Billy Huegel performs his committed rap, designed to be more than just entertainment.

With his music, in a mix of self-esteem and freedom, Lil Casino wanders through daydreams that follow one another and contain the elements of a carefree lifestyle.

After a difficult moment in his personal life, Lil Casino has rediscovered himself in hip hop music. Today things are going well for Lil Casino, and this is a result on which the artist has worked hard over time. A result that today is also reflected in the success of his songs.

"Reinventing the Wheel" by Lil Casino - artwork
Reinventing the Wheel” by Lil Casino – artwork

Some people tell me it’s impossible to be a famous rapper; what a shame it would be if I agreed with them.

Lil Casino
from Lil Casino‘ Instagram profile

Reinventing the Wheel” is to date the best expression of the sum of all these factors that represent Lil Casino. From “Destined To Be“, through “And Then” and “Sorry About That” to “We Got Us“, this album is a truly remarkable production.

The arrangements are detailed, intelligently constructed to provide the perfect environment to host Lil Casino‘s vocal performance, which gives us an intelligible lyrical rap, showcased with feeling.

Reinventing the Wheel” is an album with a fresh sound, full of catchy melodies, which, track after track, flows naturally, like the passage of time.

Reinventing the Wheel” is the story of a boy.
“Just” a normal boy, who believes in the greatness of each of us.

Discover now the sound of Lil Casino, listen to “Reinventing the Wheel” available on Souncloud [ + ]. Visit his website [ + ] and follow him on his socials
Facebook [ + ] – Instagram [ + ] – Twitter [ + ]

Mystik Kaur // Man Na Digey

With "Man Na Digey", Mystik Kaur explores the struggles, challenges and moments of enlightenment that we all experience in our lives.
Man Na Digey by Mystik Kaur – artwork

Recently Mystik Kaur released her new single “Man Na Digey“, a song that carries an important message, spiritually close to the singer’s heart, and easy to universally agree with. The track is sung in the Punjabi language, and its title translate to English as “don’t lower your consciousness”.

Mystik Kaur is a Canadian singer-songwriter who started singing at the age of 5. With 20 years spent learning the arts of Indian and Sikh classical music systems (Gurmat Sangeet), she fell in love with Raagas, taals and different singing styles. In her creativity Mystik Kaur channels technique and spiritual intuition, inspired by humanitarian figures such as Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama, just to name a few.

A message that is spread effectively, thanks to a lyric composition that fascinates from the first moment. Exciting and touching, “Man Na Digey” has an emotional transport that is sublimated by the extraordinary vocal performance of Mystik Kaur.

As Mystik Kaur explains, “Man Na Digey” is a piece of devotion to thank God, Waheguru. It is dedicated to all the servants of humanity, who day after day help those in need. This track is based on the writings of Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and talks about how we should not lower our consciousness despite the circumstances.”

With the words and music of “Man Na Digey“, Mystik Kaur explores the struggles, challenges and moments of enlightenment that we all experience in our daily lives.

Music and words that Mystic Kaur gifts us so that we all can resonate with the vibrations of today’s world.

Keep updated on future releases from Mystik Kaur, checking her website [ + ] and socials: Facebook [ + ] Instagram [ + ]

Listen now to “Man Na Digey” available on all major digital platforms.

Along with the song, the artist also released a touching music video, available on YouTube [ + ] and accompanied by an English translation of the lyrics .

Featuring: Tamaskin’s music and new album “What’s the Danger”

"What’s the Danger" is a record composed of 10 tracks, in which Tamaskin genuinely infuses the intuitions captured while living his daily life.

Tamaskin is the stage name under which indefatigable rapper Jeremy Hobbs, from Charleston, South Carolina, produces his own music.

Jeremy shares the name “Tamaskin” with the Tamaskan wolf breed, with which he shares an ingrained affinity.

Like these wolves base their strength on the pack, so Tamaskin turns to his audience and fans for his own strength.

After graduating from the College of Charleston with a major in Artistic Management with a concentration in Music , Jeremy TamaskinHobbs put into practice his passion for music, marked by an eccentric and experimental creative vein. Tamaskin is a recording artist intent on exploring the varied directions  that life can take. From rap to pop to rock, Tamaskin creates his music with the specific intent of reaching his listeners, to make them hungry for his new and unique sound.

After the release of his album “Murder Mountain” and the EP “Undefeated“, Tamaskin returns again on the music scene, to make people speak once more about him and his new album “What’s the Danger“.

What’s the Danger” is a record composed of 10 tracks, in which Tamaskin genuinely infuses the intuitions captured while living his daily life, the experiences made while traveling, the exposition of his life style.

With his music this young artist demonstrates an undeniable penchant for grasping the most fascinating facets of life. An open-mindedness thanks to which you might find him singing a song about what he learned in class during a Greek history lesson, or about what it’s like to be a young African American living in the South and trying to find his way through life.

Listen to “What’s the Danger now, available on your favorite digital platform [ here ]. Find out more about Tamaskin checking his official website [ here ].

Natalie Nichole // Indecisive

‘Indecisive’ is a piece with a vibrant spirit that moves in between R&B and Soul, a song about those times you can’t keep out of your mind someone you know all too well is not ready to commit. This is a love song, one of the classic ones that we all love, but that conveys today’s essence, harshness and sensitivity.

This song is really a big number. The production is of the highest class, with an impeccable construction of the arrangement and mix. Intelligible in each of its precious elements.

Everything is surgically calibrated to support the central focus of the piece, which, needless to say, is Natalie’s voice.

And it is thanks to the vocal performance of this young and talented artist that ‘Indecisive’ stands out amidst the crowd.

Perfectly immersed in the song, Natalie gives us a great performance, warm and intimate in the feeling, clear and fresh in its intention, direct and effective in transmitting her message.

We could still spend torrents of words on Natalie, her recording career, and her promising future, but honestly, there is really no need. Natalie Nichole has something special to offer the world. Her talent already shines with its own light. She has an artistic positivity that flows radiantly, and naturally, from within her.

An incredible artist, already great inside.
A star that has already risen.

To learn more about Natalie Nichole and keep in touch with her, visit her website [ here ] and follow her on her social media channels Facebook [ here ], Instagram [ here ] and Twitter [ here ].
Listen now to ‘Indecisive‘, Natalie Nichole‘s latest single, and discover all the music of this talented artist, available on your favorite digital platforms [ here ].

FadeTheBlackk // Cold World ft. b*star

Cold World by FadeTheBlackk ft.  b*star - artwork
Cold World by FadeTheBlackk ft. b*star – artwork

Recently New York rapper Antonio Rosario, known by the pseudonym of FadeTheBlackk, has released a new single titled “Cold World”.

over seven years behind him dedicated to perfecting his art, he has developed a
style that goes back to his Latin American roots, blending them with the heart
of the first hip-hop music out of the Bronx.

This is how FadeTheBlackk creates an impactful and effective sound, to which he combines his lyrical ability and a deep sensibility.

In 2018, FadeTheBlackk collaborated with Warner Music Group as part of their new independent music distribution platform, Level. Through them he published his return single “Visions“, a record that shows the growth and artistic development started by this young artist; an artistic development that is still ongoing and reaches a new, even higher levels with “Cold World“.

verse is a breath of fresh and pungent oxygen that reaches you, straight and
thin, flow after flow, thanks to a vocal performance perfectly layered inside
the mix, underlined by a substantial arrangement.

As it already happened with “Visions“, thanks to his ability to articulate his lyrics in the right places, FadeTheBlackk once again demonstrates a natural, clear and evident talent.

Captivating, clear and never wavering.
This is the sound of FadeTheBlackk.
This is the sound of “Cold World“.

Discover now the sound of FadeTheBlackk. Listen now to “Cold World” and all his music, available on his Soundcloud profile [ here ]

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